Friday, March 26, 2010

First Post

Hey there all. So this is my first post and most of you don't actually know who I am. You may have seen me from my "FOR THE HORDE" video on my very first YouTube channel. Welp, my name's Katee and I'm one majorly geeky girl. I love xBox360 (GOW2, Halo, COD, and L4D are the faves), my laptop, and Japanese.*

I currently attend University of Mary Washington (mdub) in Fredericksburg, VA but I plan on transfering to University of Maryland after my sophomore year and major in Japanese. After that, it's unclear what exactly will happen, but I want to spend a year in JET and then my boyfriend and I plan on moving to Japan permanently. I plan on becoming either an English teacher or an interpreter and my boyfriend (his name's John) plans on both interpreting and running his own dojo (he's one of the biggest martial arts fanatics you'll ever meet). And yes, we do plan on living there our entire lives.

And on the geek side? Anything and everything. Zombies. Robot apocolypse. Tech. Movies. Music. Computers. Hot chicks. News in general with a geeky spin. You name it, most likely there's some aspect I like about it.

Well, enough about me for one evening. I'm off to eat dinner and watch more TV. G'night.


* I am not a weeaboo/wapanese. I do not like Japan soley for the anime/manga. I appreciate it for the culture, the language, the food, the people, etc. Their cartoons do not play that big of a role in why I want to move their. Oh, and I don't really take offense to the term "gaijin". But, to each his own.

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