Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make me a sammich!

So I'm gonna jump right into this and tell you the long and short of what's been bothering me lately:

  • My school decides to close down three dorm halls for renovation
  • The brand-spankin'-new apartments (which are super nice) are opened to sophomores
  • I get my hopes up that I'll actually have a shot of getting into said apartments
  • Hopes are crushed because they went like hotcakes
  • Stuck between a rock (shitty dorm) and a hard place (having no dorm to live in and have to live at home)
  • If going with the "hard place", I'll be transfering to UMD a lot earlier than planned
So yeah. That's about as short as I can make it without expressing how absolutely furious and pissed and disappointed I am about all of this. Even if those apartments had been opened to sophomores to begin with, and the one dorm I wanted (that was shut down for renovations) was still there, I'd go for the lesser dorm because I was happy with it. Basically, all I want...
And while yes, I'll get one at shitty dorm/home, it won't be the same as having a kitchen all to myself without having to share. In shitty dorm, though, it'll be shitty. At least at home I have lots of space and lots of resources without paying for it all. In fact, at this point I'm hoping that all the dorms are gone so I can just live at home... though not rooming with Ashleykins (my college bestfriend) would be difficult.

Well, I'm already well past my bedtime, and I'd rather not have to suffer through two hours of a headache during class (I gotta get up at 8am, 5 ½ hours from now). So g'night everyone.

-- katee

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