Friday, July 2, 2010


This is my soon to be new computer, come winter of 2010.  :D

I was informed yesterday that I actually passed my Anthro class with a "B" [fuckin' SWEET] and that financial aid gave my mom a refund for summer school. And, instead of spending it or anything, she says she'll save it and if my grades this coming semester are good (because I'm actually going to be back in the fall), she'll let me use the money to buy an iMac! HUZZAH! I mean, I was gonna save up for it myself but that's just about impossible at this point. Bath & Body don't give me nearly enough hours and GameStop still hasn't gotten back to me. I'm pretty much jobless while still trying to pay for gas, acting classes, and other expenses. This kinda blows job wise, but the incentive of free money to spend towards a gigantic TV-sized iMac makes me happy.

I promised myself I wouldn't. I didn't want to join a fad of crazed teens with skewed senses of reality who are overly obsessed with Broadway. But I have to admit... it's good. If you have no clue what I'm talking about... I actually started watching Glee. It's not half bad, really. Still way over-cliched, but it's not bad. Besides, I need something to keep me entertained during the day. That and Weeds. I started watching that, too. Both are pretty good but will never fill the void left by Lost. And I'm just really hoping no one ever tries to remake it or turn it into a movie. As much as I love it, it would destroy everything I love about it.

I'm having such a hard time right now... there are auditions at the studio I go to and while I'm fine with the acting part, but I'm also going to be auditioning for the singing part, and I can't find a good song to sing. I mean, my backups will always be 2AM by Anna Nalick and Kiss Me by Sixpence, but I want something that's more... edgy, I guess. But I guess I shouldn't push myself, huh? Stick to something I'm good at? I might go with Sixpence, just because I've performed it before... but then again I've performed 2AM too. I don't know. Advice?

The toast I'm eating is kinda... chewy. Dammit.


  1. Here in Germany we're currently at episode 16 of the last lost season. "For the horde" was the first sign of you, I've seen. I haven't felt that deep "somebody like me is out there" feeling for years. I hear "Iris" from the Goo Goo Dolls in repeat. I play WoW too, since its release, never managed to get a character to the top level, because all the "we MUST have better gear!!" shit pisses me off the same way that religion pisses you off. But recently I did it, a priest at 80. But for now I stopped at gearscore 5k. I hate to play the same content over and over again. I wish you all the best. Love and kisses from Germany. Blessed be...

  2. Thanks, Richard. Sorry about the whole WoW thing. I hated that part, too. But without better gear you get killed easy. It's a vicious circle. =/