Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nightmares & Flying

Y'know what I hate? Nightmares and the process of flying. Here's the catch: I loooove flying. Think it's super fun. I hate going through security, the waiting, the cramped seats, the annoying children, the terrible entertaiment, and most of all, I hate the packing before I ever get to the airport. And this is where my nightmare began:

So, I was at the airport, all excited 'cause I was going to Japan (alone, funny enough). I have my huge rolling suitcase with me and I'm getting ready to goup three floors (don't ask) to go wait for my plane (funny enough, no check in for baggage). All of a sudden I realize I forgot my HD camcorder at home. Well this sucks. I get my phone out to call my mom to have her bring it to me but there just isn't enough time. Then I realize I forgot my laptop, too! Balls! So I'm scrambling around trying to find out where the hell I need to go. Talk to this really nice old couple who's from my area asking how long ago I left to get here on time. We say our farewells and I head up two sets of escalators to this tiny little security thing that's more like weighing you so you and all your stuff will fit on the plane. Somehow throughout this entire process, my plane ticket is in my hand along with my camcorder, but I know the case is missing (more balls!). Laptop is still MIA and three girls from when I was in elementary are running around going places. And this entire dream is just pissing me off. Then I wake up.

To me, that was a nightmare because not having my laptop to go to Japan (for what I assume was going to be a long trip) is terrible and not knowing where I'm going is even worse (happened to us in Hawaii once... close call).

So yeah. Now you have a look at how my nightmares work. Not really scary but shit you don't want to have happen in real life. And now I'm off to make a checklist of what the hell I'm bringing with me whenever I fly. Just in case.

-- katee

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