Sunday, August 8, 2010

UHM here I come!

School countdown: two weeks exactly. I move in on the 22nd and start classes on the 23rd. It's ridiculous that they only give upperclassmen a single day to move in. That and if you're auditioning for private music lessons, they're on that Sunday too. So not only do I have to move in in one day, I also have to squeeze in time for auditions. It's bullshit. But I'm really just excited to have a roommate who I don't hate and who isn't a complete bitch. <3 my roommate.

Mom and her boyfriend got back from Hawaii yesterday. She got me two necklaces (a Chinese coin and the kanji for "love"), a Hawaiian print dress, a sarong, 4 flavored chapsticks, and a tee from UHM (that's University of Hawaii and Manoa).

Speaking of UHM, after this year I'm transfering. The only thing is I have to wait for John (I don't leave without him) and he may take an extra semester to a year before he can leave. So that means I have a bit of time out of school where I have to work. Suckage. But we wanna go to UHM so we can major in Japanese (I think John still wants to get his Masters in Japanese Studies). I just love Hawaii and I'm ready to actually major in something I like.

I'm out of topics to talk about. I'm ready to move into my new dorm with my bff.

-- katee

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