Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hope everyone had an awesome Zombie Jesus Day. Whether you celebrate the religious connotations of it or not, it should've been a good day for everyone. It definitely was for my boyfriend. Today was his 21st birthday. After ZJD shenanigans with his family, we went out to Wegmans where he bought his first (three) legal bottles of sake and umeshu. His three bottles were more expensive than the few groceries I bought. But I'm happy for him. ^^;

Only three/four more weeks of college for me before summer break, which is exciting. I need to get studying for the Anthro exam I have Wednesday (luckily tomorrow's a review) and then I'm home free until finals week. Hurraaaaaay college. < / sarcasm >

Job hunting sucks.

I love my Eris.

I'm off to straighten my hair and put my laundry in the dryer before skimming my Anthro books. Next post will be after the Cherry Blossom Festival up in Washington D.C. next Saturday, maybe accompanied with pictures, who knows. Kthnxbai.

-- katee

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