Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh to be a broke college student

Ugh. I have an Anthropology exam tomorrow morning that I'm freaking out about (I failed the last one) and... just ugh. I just don't want to fail this one. I can't afford to do that. So later tonight (aka after Lost and V) I'm off to study with fellow classmate Derek and hopefully be a bit better prepared. Lets hope.

My summer job hunt is actually going pretty well. I go back in two weeks for an interview at Red Robins, and I have an interview tomorrow at Regal Cinemas. And I get monies tomorrow night for babysitting. Hurray for monies! Being a broke college student, I desperately need it.

In other news, I actually got into a fairly good dorm. On Thursday night, when they put out the report of what dorm rooms were left, they added in Madison, a dorm that's right in the middle of campus and fairly nice. There are only 16 people on the entire floor, suite bathrooms, and a kitchen with the only RA being on the 1st floor. And I just took a look, and while it might change by next year, our room and the room across the hall are the only ones on the floor that allow ACs. YESSSS! Because it's wicked hot in August when we move in, and it'd be nice to have a nice cool room. This is sweet. Hopefully it doesn't change.

OK, LOST is on in 20 minutes. I have to go prepare snackage and a drink and prepare for awesomeness. G'night.

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