Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am sooo awesome.

I've accomplished in one day what most Americans can't do in years. I acquired two jobs in one day. As in, they offered me the job. Now why the hell can't you adults who are completely unemployed do that? Get over your egos and go get those minimum wage jobs. Hell, I actually got one that starts ABOVE minimum wage. Is that really so hard to do?

So, yeah. I got a job at the Starbucks in Target and Red Robin. I may or may not have gotten the job at GameStop. Either way, I have to turn down Red Robin due to gas prices and the fact it's so far away. But if I get the GameStop one, I keep Starbucks and GameStop. Yes, I'm talking about taking on two jobs at once during the summer. At the end of summer, I pick which one I like best and keep that one while I continue school. So in short...
two jobs = more mulah

Anyways, finals week coming up. There may or may not be a new post until next Saturday/Sunday, unless I find a good chance to take a break from studying. And now I have to get to bed. I spent the evening at my house due to three interviews and volunteer work, it was just easier to stay home for the night. Plus, my own bed. Iz nice. Kbai.

-- katee


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