Monday, April 26, 2010

[this was written last night before my internet went haywire on me. so the times noted are slightly behind now. and btw, that is one fine looking man up there. go stephen hawking!]

So currently I'm watching "Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking", the "Aliens" episode. It's the first in, what I believe to be, a series of three or more. Already I loved the man because he's a genius (duh) but now having him talk about aliens and later, time travel, is epic. He's giving me hope that there are indeed aliens and will most likely give me hope that we'll accomplish successful time travel. [after a brief time lapse] Time travel has now freaked me out. I DON'T WANT ALIENS TAKING OVER THE POWER OF MY SUN! GO AWAAAAAAAAAAY!

In other news, I've officially moved out of my dorm (save for the TV stand and two tier drawer thing I need to get rid of). And in fact, I'm quite happy. Happier than I have been in a long time. And in all honesty, I don't care. I'm glad to be away from the hell-hole we call a dorm. And even though all I have to look forward to after exams is work, I'm quite happy. Next year will be better when I'll actually live with someone I'm compatable with and actually get along with. And who doesn't take my jabs at their disbelieve of zombies as a threat of nuclear attack on their family.

I have a damn Anthropology final in the morning. Aaaand I just found out from my Linguistics professor that for our online final, he'll allow us to use our notes and book! I have a A/B on the homework, an A on the first exam, and this one should mean another A! So I'll be getting an A for the class. Which will balance out my [shitty] GPA so when I fail Anthro, I can still stay afloat above a 2.0.

Well, I'm off to eat lunch and watch TV. Kthnxbai.

-- katee

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