Thursday, April 15, 2010

List of Annoyances

I'm in a foul mood right now and am going to list the few major things that annoy me:

  • people with loud voices who don't know the meaning of "volume control"
  • parents being overdramatic
  • having to kill my eardrums to drown out noise
  • drunken slutty girls who think they're the most amazing thing since sliced bread
  • touch-screen phones that don't respond to touch
  • uncleanliness
  • college tests that are just too hard because professors are jerks
  • people who hate reading
  • people who criticize my kind of music or movies but hate it when I retort the same to theirs
  • twilight and the sudden rise in vampire novels
  • people who don't get subtle hints (or blunt hints, for that matter)
  • people who don't understand the whole goth thing
  • when people take your damn parking spot
  • people who yell at the tv and say they know the tv can't hear them, yet do it anyways
  • stormtroopers. they can be tricky bastards (but terrible shots)

I need a break. Summer break. And a room to myself where I no longer need to wear headphones to drown out noise. I hate dorm life with a burning passion from hell.

That will be all for tonight. Good night.

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