Thursday, April 29, 2010

Werewolves of London

Sorry for the song title. Tonight's a full moon (or close to it, can't really tell). Anyways, driving home tonight I was in awe of it and had a little crazy moment when I started howling. Yeah, I'm awkward. Thank god I was in my car on the highway and no one could hear me. But on the entire drive I was hoping one radio station would just play "Werewolves of London" so I could howl without being crazy. No such luck, though.

And thinking of werewolves and other fantasy things, I'm in a real big writers mood (this ties in to werewolves and things because I write vampire/werewolf stories). So right now I have everything that burns going: incense and all my candles plus my huge Japanese lantern. It's awesome. This is the one thing I love of summer nights; staying up late with candles and incense and writing to my hearts content.

I actually got another two job offers today, one of which I took. So I now work at Starbucks full-time and Bath & Body Works part-time. So I should be making lots o' money this summer.

I'm in a metal mood. I'm off to swoon over Dani Filth (from Cradle of Filth, for those of you who know nothing about metal). Kbai.

-- katee

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