Monday, May 3, 2010

See you in another life, brotha

Ever have that feeling that you had a past life? Like, a feeling so bad you wish you could just remember what it was like? Yeah, I'm feeling one of those right now. And no, it's not as crazy as the above picture. I just thought it was hilarious.

I've been looking for good Renfest dresses, but most are crap. I also really want to watch every single episode of The Tudors (alas, I only own season 1). And this is all thanks to an episode of House that featured Renfest. I've only been once when I was little, but I still have both necklaces (the one I was given and the one my brother was given. Haha!) and I've always wanted to go back. We'll see if I can sneak away this year or not (work and such...).

Crap. I just noticed it's nearly 2am here... and I told my grandpa that if it's not raining in the morning, I'll get up early to help him mow the lawn. Fmylife. Most likely another sleepless night. Huh. I also told myself I'd play Sims 3 tonight, too. Thanks, House! Jeeze.

Sadly this post is pretty pointless. I just really wish timetravel were possible. I'd totally hit up 1500's England right about now.

-- katee

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