Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been a while with nothing interesting going on.

First thing's first (because it's recent and awesome news): PORTAL IS FREE ON STEAM! You can drop by the Steam website and download Portal for free until May 24th (or somewhere close to that). So, of course, I downloaded it (never played before). So now I'm deciding between getting sleep tonight or staying up, getting no sleep, and playing. Decisions, decisions...

Another thing: I'm having to take summer school 'cause my GPA sucked so bad. So for 5 weeks it'll be a repeat of Antho 101 (this time around, it looks like it'll be focusing on Japanese culture... SWEET!) and then 5 weeks after that, some Communications class that deals with reading plays and other literature like that... AND ACTING IT OUT! BALLER! So I should hopefully raise my GPA by the end of the summer and actually not be on suspension anymore (yeah... that's how bad my GPA is...)

In *short* news ('cause I can't talk too much about work or I could be fired just for mentioning it and blah blah blah), I'm nearly a certified barista at Starbucks. Sweet! It's a stressful job, but such an awesome title. That and our drinks are stellar.

I'm off to go eat basmati rice, drink raspberry tea, and play Portal. It'll be an amazing evening. Shitty morning.

-- katee

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