Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to College

I move back Sunday (technically tomorrow). I've got just about everything packed, save for clothes and my electronics. I thought I didn't pack as much this year, but... it's 10 small-ish boxes plus a few other loose stuff. Dayum. It's a lot. But still significantly less than last year. I mean, it understandable I have a bit "more" this year 'cause we have a real kitchen this year, plus our own bathroom, so things for those places are neccessary.

I bargained and won! Sortof. OK, so before last week I was whining to the beau about wanting to go back to the dojo and whatnot, because its the only form of gym that I can actually motivate myself to go to. Well, last week[ish] I had him talk to Sensei and I bargained free babysitting for free dojo. SUCCESS! I'm super excited... and sore. I started last Monday with karate, didn't go to jujutsu Tuesday, and karate again on Wednesday. Tuesday was just a bit of soreness from using muscles I haven't used since jujutsu two years ago. Well, Wednesday was "put it to use" day. We actually sparred with other people. I had brought my friend with me to hang out and she takes Brazilian jujutsu and has been considering other forms, so I took her in for karate. She's relatively my size, so we were partners the entire class. May I also preface this with the fact she's been playing soccer for pretty much ever. Well, in sparring you don't actually hurt your partner, just lightly tap 'em... she kicked me with her soccer kick three times to the side of my thigh. It hurts like hell. I'm also just generally sore all over. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!

That was one long-ass paragraph... I'm off to fold the rest of my laundry and get to bed. I babysit tomorrow 1-6pm. And while I wanna see John before I move in, I might have to promptly return home to move shitloads of my boxes into the garage. We'll see.


-- katee

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