Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Jedi Factor

The college move-in went very well. So far, two weeks into classes, it's not bad at all. Got a bit of a surprise when I found out that my Stagecraft class (tech theatre, where we do the sets, lights, and sound) requires an extra MINIMUM of 45 hours outside of class for crew hours... what utter bullshit. Other than that, Geography is going well as is Asian Civ (love that class) and Public Speaking (also love that class). I've made friends with three girls from my PS class, one of which is a Korean girl who speaks fairly fluent Japanese and lives on the floor below me. It's epic.

Anywho, I'm spending the weekend at home. My dorm doesn't have AC and it's been humid as shit lately and being on the top floor, it's quite unbearable. Plus I have work tomorrow morning/afternoon, so I thought spending the night at home night help me sleep better. So far, it's quite relaxing. That and I got a good dinner. Score!

My birthday is in eight days. [It's September 12th]. I'm super excited. :D

John comes back from his California trip on Sunday evening and I get to see him Monday. I'm also super excited about that. And not only that, but Sunday's going to be fun because my friend Amber and I are going to start working on my authentic-ish Jedi costume for Halloween/cons.

And when I say authentic[ish], I mean it. The inner tunic, the outer tunic, the robe, the tabard, the obi, the pants, the belts... everything but the shoes (maybe the belt) will be hand made by Amber (since I am not exactly a seamstress). Hopefully it'll be done in time for Halloween, because I have no other plans for a costume. I seem to have lost last years costume (a simple blood/dirt painted nightgown that was EPIC). So if the Jedi costume isn't ready, I'm fucked. Srsly.

I've gotten quite hooked on The Big Bang Theory. Guys from work were talking about it (that and GameStop TV constantly plays clips of it) so I decided to watch and it's amazing. Sadly not all of my friends get the humor, but I love it. I have Season 2 with Seasons 1 & 3 coming in for my birthday, just in time for Season 4... hopefully I'll get my cable up and working by then.

I realize this is super long and boring. Sorry 'bout that. I'm trying to waste time until John gets out of his martial arts seminar thingy so he can call me before I go to bed. And... end scene.


-- katee

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