Friday, August 13, 2010

Protective of a Place I Don't Know

So this is gonna be a weird and controversial post. If you're religious, either keep it calm or don't read. That's my one and only warning.

Anyways, a friend of mine has been in Japan for the past two weeks on a missionary trip. Already, I'm not fond of the idea of going to a country where only a small percentage is Christian and trying to force it on them. But I talked to her and she's also against really pushing religion on people who don't want it. But as I've been reading her blog, she keeps saying things like it's a "spiritually dark place" and that they "ignore [God]" there. That infuriates me. I don't live there and I just want to scream and shout how if they aren't Christian, why the fuck would they care? They have their own religion. They keep to themselves. Stop trying to turn the entire world Christian. That's sending it to fucking HELL.

I've vowed to my beau that when we move there, if I come into contact with a missionary (especially if they live nearby and/or possibly try to convert me or my family) I'm going to flip shit. I won't stand for someone forcing another religion on another people or group. As an atheist, I wish everyone was, but that's in regards to the pushy religions, such as Christianity and Islam. Judaism is fairly quiet, as is Hinduism and Buddhism, so I don't have a problem with them. The ones who feel they need to convert everyone make me want to punch orphan babies. Seriously.

Now, if there's someone out there who can calmly explain why the fuck people do this (if you're a missionary and can give me an insiders look into how it goes, I may not be so pissy). So please, I need to know why and how. Because I do not approve of converting. At. All.

-- katee


  1. I can understand your being pissed. What bugs me is how a lot of religious people are all for missionaries, but think helping other countries and NOT spreading religion is a bad thing. It makes no sense to me, yet I know plenty of people who think that way. Helping people is a good thing! Just because it's not religious doesn't make it bad. Crazy people...

  2. Yeah, I know. I mean, if the missionaries had their way, the entire planet (indigenous people and all) would convert to their religion... but that'd completely fuck up the balance of the planet, imho. I like the mix up we got on this planet.