Thursday, September 23, 2010

Year-Long To Do List

I'm feeling very... meh. I feel I need to write shit down to remind myself that that's what I want to accomplish by the end of this year. So, here we go.

1. Lose at least 15lbs.
2. Get bangs.
3. Through meditation, learn patience.
4. Attend a Japanese festival at Ekoji.
5. Obtain a real kimono [I'll settle for a yukata].
6. Either get accepted to UHM or find a full-time job to help pay for UHM.
7. Start learning a language other than Japanese [choices: Chinese, Korean, Welsh, Gaelic, or Klingon].
8. Get a good sleep schedule going without having to try.

That's all I got right now. I'll add to it later. I gotta get to bed since I have class at 9:30am. Yaaaaay. < / sarcasm >

-- katee

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