Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bucket List

Even though my roommate and one of my suitemates made a bucket list together to complete before the end of college, I'm making mine completely unrelated to theirs. It's something I feel I need to get down, write numerous times all over the place, so I don't forget and I actually do the things on mine. Mind you, they're a lot more complex than probably anything they have because mine include long-term things more than short term and shit that'll take a lot of time and effort to complete [aka it'll take me mucho money and muuuuucho years]. And this will be added to and therefore made into a brand new post everytime I update. So here it goes:

1. Learn Japanese*
2. Learn Chinese
3. Learn Korean
4. Learn Welsh
5. Learn Gaelic
6. Learn Thai
7. Learn Arabic*
8. Be in a feature film [even as an extra]
9. Live in a nice little apartment in Tokyo, even if only for a few months
10. Star in a Japanese commercial
11. Tutor a famous Japanese star in English
12. Have two wedding ceremonies: one in America for the family with a wedding dress, then a Shinto wedding in Japan with a wedding kimono
13. Either build my own house in Japan or renovate an old style house
14. Have kids
15. Adopt a child
16. Publish a book
17. Travel to over 40 different countries

That's all I've got at this point. I know there's a lot more I want to get done, but a lot of it is short-term stuff that I don't feel is really bucket-list worthy.

I really need to finish some homework and get to bed. But I also reeeeeeeeeally wanna watch the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

-- katee

* In between the stars is all the languages I want to learn. They go in decending order of the proficiency in which I'd like to speak them, though I will say Korean, Welsh, and Gaelic should really share a number on that one, since I'm fairly interested in learning them while Thai and Arabic would be if I have the time.


  1. wow that is a very interesting list.. got couple similar with mine.. it would be great to be in a japanese commercial.. they are so happy and well creating.. lol and being in a movie is a must . but my idea is to sneak in while they are filming hoping they dont notice and makes the cut.. lol

  2. Relatively unknown fact is that the younger a person is the less he/she makes and the less he has/is worth. This makes traveling the world a pain in the butt (hence, why older people cruise and travel so much). Don't get down if you don't hit 40 countries right away. It will come. You may even join the peace corps and get your foot in the door of the international community to kickstart things off.

  3. Johnny, that's actually a really good idea. I've been tossing the idea around of the Peace Corps, but that would probably mean leaving my beau behind. That's why I'm leaning more towards JET, since he and I can stay together. But it's still an option.