Friday, November 19, 2010


Dammit. I'd gone soooo long without being sick and then it hits me like a damn freight train. I'm not sure if it's an epicly bad cold or a mild flu... but it's downright horrendous. I was somehow able to push through three hours of work like this, then I came home and snuggled into PJs with my space heater and laptop. Hopefully I'm better by Monday, 'cause I've already missed a lot of school due to this damn illness.

One of my BFFs, Luis, bought my my early Christmas present: a 90 day time card for WoW. I was so excited! And I'm pretty sure my grandma bought me a 60 day time card for Christmas so now I'll be set until early April, just in time for me to focus on finals. I will say I've missed WoW a lot! I was using those 10-day trials just so I could remember what the controls were like. I still don't feel ready to play with Eriniyes yet... I'll stick with Rindrsyn for a while until I reach a high enough level to play with my NE again.

I'm off to play a bit of WoW then read Harry Potter before I go to bed. G'night.

-- katee

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