Sunday, January 30, 2011


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Sorry about not having posted since November. I guess I just kinda forgot all about this thing.

Things have been crazy. The semester ended (two B's and two C's, much better than all of last year), and I started my new semester. Classes are as follows: Natural Hazards, Buddhism, General Psychology, Asian Civ II, and Religion in America. The first four are back-to-back on MWF, while the last one is the only one I have TR. I never have to wake up any earlier than 10am on any given day, which is really nice. Sucky thing is, though, that because my GPA is only up to about 2.5 (yes, think how much worse it was if last semester was my best), I may not be accepted into GMU for fall 2011. So, I have to get my grades up and (*gulp*) have to take a math course. I'm going to have to triple check with Admissions, since this is all based off some woman from the Transfers office and there's no mention of this on the website. OK, it's mentioned but only in the way of "hey, if you go to community college and don't wanna complete your associates, you have to take A MATH COURSE". Not caps'd, but I do not fall under that specific circumstance. It's all bullshit I'm going to have to straighten out.

I've gotten back into playing WoW, which has sucked up a lot of my time. I've been playing since the end of November, and so far I've got a 64 BE pally, a 40 NE druid and a 41 human pally to show for it. Also, a guild of my own, on the Terenas server for Alliance. The human has become my main, even though I listed them in the order they were created and played. I missed paladins, but I couldn't just up and leave my guild to fend for itself, since it's what I call a "baby guild". Only about 30 people and only one bar (out of 5) into level 2. But hey, it's only been up and running since the 4th of January, so that's not terribly shabby.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch at Sensei's house while John's asleep. We've been petsitting. OK, he's been petsitting while I've petted the cat a few times (he's allergic to cats) and made him food. That's about it. But at least I've kept him company. Together we've watched the first 9 episodes of this anime called Soul Eater which I quickly snagged a view of on Funimation at his house. Not too shabby. I actually kinda like it, and I'm mega picky about my anime. Hell, I'm even watching the dubbed version! I feel proud of myself for that one.

I've been thinking a lot lately of finally getting to Japan. I check Japanese news every single day as part of my routine of websites I must check numerous times every day. I mean, John and I just talked about when we finally get into GMU about doing their direct exchange program and going to Japan for a semester (either Momoyama U. in Osaka, Sophia U. in Tokyo, or Akita Int'l U. in Akita). I mean, it's lame but I have this grand plan of how my life's gonna go, where I'm gonna be, etc. And it's taunting to have all these people over there already when it's all I wanna do. I don't even wanna continue with college (sadly, it's neccessary) just so I can get on with what I really wanna do. I hate the reliance on college degrees nowadays. It's so lame.

Anyways, gonna go join the beau in bed. It's getting late and I'm fairly tired. Maybe once I finish this episode of Soul Eater, however. x3

<3 katee

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